Nouvelle collection Printemps/Été 2021

In the Colors of Freedom

Triumphant Experience

MAJOR CHAKRA : Throat, Sacral Chakra

  • My ability to believe.
  • Miracles come to me thanks to my faith.

Diva Melody

MAJOR CHAKRA : Sacral Chakra, Thymus

  • Feminine energy : it is love, beauty, endless compassion.

Eternal Radiance

MAJOR CHAKRA : Third Eye, Throat, Thymus, Root

  • Change is positive. I respect the memories of the past and of the future.
  • I retain all my shine as I move forward and detach myself from the matter and become eternal.

Welcome Felicita

MAJOR CHAKRA : Solar Plexus, Sacral Chakra, Root

  • I attract the good mood, felicity and joy.

I am Universe

MAJOR CHAKRA : Throat, Heart, Thymus

  • Life is perfect. I ask the universe all that I need.

Revealed Awareness

MAJOR CHAKRA : Crown, Thymus

  • Your awareness will take you to the miracle-working path.

Flame of Love

MAJOR CHAKRA : Heart, Root

  • Love is a flame that is healing and forgiving.

Fountain of Letting Go

MAJOR CHAKRA : Third Eye, Heart, Root

  • The water flowing inside me can heal me.
  • Letting go holds a liberating energy and a revival.
  • I open out lovingly to infinite possibilities.

Celestial Spark

MAJOR CHAKRA : Throat, Heart

  • I am pleased to express myself in total sincerety.
  • I am feeling guided.

I say YES to Life !

MAJOR CHAKRA : Third Eye, Throat, Solar Plexus

  • I live fully.
  • I evolve in the new world with awareness and self esteem.

Soul Passion

MAJOR CHAKRA : Crown, Root

  • I take care of my home, of my inner self because it provides me security.


MAJOR CHAKRA : Crown, Root

  • My actions bear within themselves the magic of the Positive and of Love.

Perfume of the Infinite

MAJOR CHAKRA : Third Eye, Heart, Root

  • We are all eternal.
  • Our soul is genuine.

Irresistible Dream

MAJOR CHAKRA : Crown, Third Eye, Throat, Heart, Solar plexus, Sacral Chakra, Root

  • The time has come for me to take care of my inner child.

3rd Eye: The Breath of Intuition


  • Your true ability to be intuitive lies in listening to your inner voice.